sometimes I need an expert...

Every business needs a bookkeeper, IT support, administrative help and an HR expert, particularly when you are growing.

At Harvard Business Suites you have access to professional services – and you only pay for as much or as little of the services you need.

Harvard Business Suites is more than just office space. It’s supported space.

“Having access to professional services I can pay for by the hour is exactly what I need.”   

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Harvard Business Suites offers all the basics for your business to succeed:

  • Conference room with conference phone, projector, screen and laptop
  • Mail service
  • Access to copier / scan / fax
  • Unlimited use of secure WiFi
  • Janitorial
  • Electricity, heat / cooling
  • Company signage
  • Parking

Additional services can be written into your lease, or purchased hourly:

  •         Administrative assistance
  •         Accounting and bookkeeping
  •         Financial reporting
  •         Payroll services
  •         Human resources services
  •         Marketing
  •         Event planning
  •         Compliance services
  •         Executive-level consulting
  •         IT services